According to a new phone

According to a new news, the iPhone was charged with a third-party adapter, but still caused more death. The 30-year-old Chinese man accidentally caught an electric current and is now in intensive care.We encountered this type of accident news for the second time in a week. Just last week, the young girl, who was also a flight attendant, lost her life when she received a call and charged her iPhone.In this accident, the iPhone 4 smartphone in the same way the third-party non-original charger using the electric current was caught. 30-year-old Wu Jiantong shouted that I was getting shocked at the time of the accident, and his brother, who saw the situation, ran and unplugged the charger. However, when the ambulance arrived, Wu’s heart had stopped and the medics gave him a heart massage. Wu who had difficulty breathing when he reached the hospital, revived with the intervention of doctors.

Wu Jiantong is still in critical condition and intensive care because he has not had oxygen to his brain for a long time. Apple has not yet made a statement about this event. Agraph The line between the difficult nature of the photo studio and real life is much thinner, zor says Tim Hogan, Co-Founder of The Nokia Lumia 1020 allows users to capture high-resolution images in a much more spontaneous way. Panagraph enhances the high accuracy of the Nokia Imaging SDK by creating custom photos that allow users to express themselves and revive those moments in a whole new way.

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