Google has announced that it will

Google has announced that it will organize an event in New York for its intriguing phone, and it has begun sending invitations to related organizations for the event. As the fruit of the work carried out for two years from the Motorola front Moto X front, so many times leaks occurred, evleaks presented us the clearest visual again. The mobile world’s number one source of leakage has clearly unearthed the front and rear of the Moto X, and once again proved how assertive it is.The screen shot from the Moto X front shows some technical details. Accordingly, the phone will feature a dual-core MSM8960 processor from the Qauclomm front and an Adreno 320 graphics unit. The early resolution of the Moto X will be the AMOLED display on the Samsung front of the display panel used in HD.not disappoint at all google has put a signature in a very stylish design, this phone will bring great sound in terms of both design and quality I believe.The local search app Yelp offers users a comprehensive experience with real-time Yelp reviews and star ratings from camera lenses. Users can take and share high-resolution photos, view Wallet and Yelp’s sales opportunities, search for voice text, and use Application Maps and application integration with Here Maps. Moreover, Yelp can do all of this without leaving the application experience.

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