Ubuntu Edge is expected to be introduced

Ubuntu, which was introduced in January, has been used on many Android devices since then, but no mobile OS has been produced.Canonical announced that it will introduce four devices with this operating system by the end of the year, but it has not yet released a phone, but this week, according to claims from different sources, will be the first Ubuntu device to be named Ubuntu Edge. The first images of the device to be introduced in the coming days were also leaked. The specifications of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone are unknown, but if the images are real, Canonical has a very simple and elegant design.Ubuntu Edge is expected to be introduced at the beginning of next week.I know the operating system from the computer does not keep the most secure operating system does not keep records I know nobody can not find your traceSign We are very excited about our collaboration with Nokia as we move Yelp to Windows Phone 8 and Yelp’s reach to more users through this new platform, Eric said Eric Signley, Vice President, Yelp Product, Customer and Mobile. Yelp’s wide range of user-focused content fits perfectly with Nokia’s great devices. With this rich, visual mobile experience, we look forward to connecting users with great local opportunities. ”

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