shown as the most important developer

CyanogenMod, shown as the most important developer team of the Android platform, shared a promotional video on its Google+ account. The team builds their software on pure Android and provides support for many phones and tablets on the platform, while also enhancing the user experience by including custom applications in their software. The team’s video talks about an innovation and offers some hints of innovation, but obviously it doesn’t seem possible to predict what it is. However, the developer team is expected to present a significant innovation.With the new Nokia Lumia 1020, Foursquare users can now take high resolution photos wherever they check in and apply one of 50 new photo filters. These enhanced photographic skills are a natural complement to the rich tools Foursquare provides to share and record real experiences. The addition of existing business information, such as phone numbers, addresses, opening hours, as well as high-quality photos to the list of traders on Foursquare, will allow users to discover great places both in their home and while traveling.Ger Foursquare’s mission is to provide our users with the greatest benefit wherever they go or wherever they go. Photos on local business pages are a great resource for users to explore the area before going to their destination. F The Foursquare app on the Nokia Lumia 1020 shows our users the simplest way to follow, enabling them to share their photos wherever they are, detailing their experiences and creating a valuable resource for Foursquare users who haven’t been there yet. ”

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