Dozens of applications have been made

In our country, dozens of applications have been made to improve foreign language education and skills in many languages, especially English. This practice, which emerged in recent days, is preparing to take its place in the markets, very different from its counterparts. The new mobile application known to be developed by Sestek and TUBITAK has a very useful structure in pronunciation, reading and language knowledge.Previously seen with their various projects on the agenda for the disabled Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) continues to undertake again first. The new mobile application which will be realized in cooperation with Sestek will have a big share in the foreign language education of primary school students. The application, which will consist of 3 modules, will offer students different skills through various stages.While the pronunciation module from 3 modules will give feedback to users by comparing and rating the pronunciation of their users with the pronunciation they should have, the reading module will use the existing books and access to the internet to voice the new texts through speech synthesis, and change the colors of the spoken words and the colors of the spoken words simultaneously. the pictures will explain the meaning of the visual and audio memory at the same time will appeal. The third module, Grammar, will introduce basic grammar rules to the users through a fun interface and offer a variety of tests.

The project has not yet been completed primary school 7/8. will be available to grade students. The application, which is expected to be completed in as little as 9 months, already has thousands of users. The mobile app will be available for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store before it is released for a short time, and is expected to come to Android in the next process

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